Why do a weekly instagram clean-up

As promised, I will be giving out some free social media tricks and tips. Today we’ll answer the big question of why do a weekly instagram clean-up.

Clean-up is the process of getting rid of bot/ghosts or mass followers accounts on your followers list.

I do believe my clients when they tell me they never purchased fake followers yet they got swamped by thousands of bots. You need to realise that even if you don’t purchase fake followers, you can still accumulate ghost and bots without realising it. Bot accounts will follow you if you’re using a certain hashtag that works for them for that week/month.

Why do a weekly instagram clean-up and reduce followers when all we want is to gain more followers?

  1. It’s better to have 1000 active followers than 100k inactive followers. Engagement is very important especially for influencers who are interested in working with brands. Having a huge following with no engagement can only raise suspicion when you try contacting a brand for partnership.
  2. Ghost/bot followers will never see your posts. You need to understand that no fake account will ever see your post.
  3. Video views. Have you ever seen accounts with over 30k followers but with 500 video views or less? That’s the negative effect of not cleaning up your account.
  4. Your account might be flagged by instagram. Instagram discourages using fake followers and if they find that you’re not following the rules, they won’t hesitate to throw your account in the trash.
  5. If people see that you have thousands of followers, they might click to your account. But once they start scrolling through your content and see that no one is engaging with your stuff, they’ll assume that you’re either buying your followers or your content is terrible.
  6. Ghost followers will automatically mess up your marketing tests and results. The point is that you can’t get real results with fake followers.

We have to accept that it takes time to build genuine followers that will actually engage with our content. Staying stagnant in one number is also not a good move so you need to keep posting great content, use hashtags and follow the right instagram strategy to increase your followers and engagement rather than letting bot/ghost accounts overshadow you. 

Don’t be too caught up on the number of followers you have that you forget about the importance of engagement. My account @chic.fashion.stylist gets a weekly super cleanup. I clean any account that isn’t in my niche, any ghost account, any account that does follow unfollow, and any account with ponographic content. I’m happy with this strategy because it helps me keep track of my engaging followers and I get to engage back with them.

Look at my example in the picture below where I did a mass clean-up.

Why do a weekly instagram clean-upWhy do a weekly instagram clean-up

Your target should be not to have a single bot/ghost account. This can be difficult to achieve because we use hashtags on our posts to reach our target audience but unfortunately they sometimes attract ghost accounts. If you need assistance in managing your social media accounts, contact me here

What’s your take on this? Any tips? 

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1 thought on “Why do a weekly instagram clean-up”

  1. Thanks for confirming that getting fake followers isn’t always because you bought them. I had of 1000+ fake accounts following me for two consecutive weeks. I remember swearing to my friends that I never bought these followers. I had to set my account to private and spend weeks cleaning.
    I’m sharing this insightful post.

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