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Hello sustainable fashion lovers, we’re now heading to our next step where we are looking for the best sustainable and ethical fashion brands. If you’re just starting your sustainable fashion journey, I recommend you check out 5 steps towards sustainable fashion on a budget and Online vintage store: veter Vintage

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You started by cleaning  out your closet by swapping what you didn’t need, you shopped from vintage stores and now you are ready to add a few items from sustainable brands? Here is a list of where to buy sustainable clothes to add to your fresh clean closet. 

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Let’s start with underwear. I would never buy used underwear for obvious reasons and I would not expect you to do the same in the name of sustainability. Your go to place for fair-trade certified organic underwear is Pact (see the images below). Men boxers are also available. Pact is known for making sure its entire supply chain, from the growing and harvesting of the organic cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between, are as clean and responsible as possible. Click on any image to buy.

For your workout gear, Check out the carousel below 

Let’s talk about dresses. We love beautiful dresses and we love the environment too. The best place to shop for our next dress is Reformation. This brand shares sustainable goals and programs openly with us through their sustainability framework which can be found on their website.

Let’s talk denim. If you want to add any denim item to your closet and could’t find anything that suits you in the second hand store, I suggest you check out Boyishjeans. Their jeans are cruelty-free and PETA approved. They use absolutely zero leather or animal products in their garments and accessories.

This is my personal favourite brand because I have seen how passionate Jordan Nodarse (the creative director of Boyish jeans) is about sustainability. I was lucky enough to watch an instagram live chat with him and Remakeourworld where I got to learn so much. This brand is so transparent and open to answering any concerns you might have about their sustainable practices.

I will be adding more brands as I learn how sustainable they are and if they are truly ethical. 

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Are you an expert in sustainable fashion? Any brands you think we should check out? I would like to read any additional suggestions or questions from all of you. 

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