Top 10 chic instagram influencers

Hello fashion lovers. We have picked the Top 10 chic instagram influencers you should be stalking this month.

This will be a monthly post about different fashion and style bloggers we love. It’s exciting to see so many chic bloggers sticking to their own unique style but still giving you that clean, elegant, confident, and classy look. 

Our October post kicks off with the 10 instagram influencers who are not side tracked by anyone else’s looks. They stick to their chic style from head to toe.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks in advance.

Let’s start with @lovefromjulez her look is so creative and always chic.


I love @syd.hoff because her style is not only chic but its also colourful.


@fashtic is a blogger in Netherlands with simple, clean, and chic looks.


@jlidbom will wow you with some unique style.


For pure elegance from head to toe, follow and stalk @ren.gray



I’m into @crazyblondelifeblog because she’s also chic and dresses according to the occasion.


My love for colors couldn’t leave @youngatstyle behind


Tell me what you think about the ever chic @simplypalesa


I will take whatever @seretix is wearing from head to toe any day 


@lolariostyle will give you the light skin-tone style. Her pants are must haves for a chic closet


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9 thoughts on “Top 10 chic instagram influencers”

  1. They’re all gorgeous!! I love the onesie that @youngastyle is wearing but they’re all killing it. Alas, if I follow them, they’ll kill my wallet too! Lol. I’ll stalk them ofc…

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