Tembo Restaurant Nairobi

We all love good food and during my stay at The Boma Hotel Nairobi I had the chance to have dinner and lunch at Tembo Restaurant. I loved this restaurant because it’s spacious. There’s a kitchen on one end and a bar on the other. 

The interior design is tastefully done with beautiful art on the wall. I loved the seating arrangement and the option to have a high, mid or low chair.

Our meal was done with so much attention. I had seafood platter with avocado which was considered a small meal but came in a good portion. 


The service here is excellent. Our waiter was friendly and gave us good attention. By good attention I mean he was there when needed but wasn’t so much in our face. 

They also have a bar that’s open till late. 

There’s a beautiful seating area outside near a small garden and a lovely fountain.

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