My recent decision to stop supporting fast fashion has made me learn how to use the few clothes I have and style them differently on each occasion. We definitely don’t have a reason for buying new clothes every week. You can read more about this decision and join here. Scroll down to see how we can style our thrifted clothes, few clothes, and clothes from ethical brands.

How to style an oversize T-shirt

How to style an oversize T-shirt

Hello Style lovers . Are you wondering how to style an oversize T-shirt? Today I’ll style my model Bevalyne. I’ll style a lady who had a great night out in her short dress and killer boots, planning to spend the night at a boyfriends place but because she was carrying a tiny classy clutch bag, she …

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Styling skater skirts

We might all agree that finding your style can be hectic and time consuming but once you have defined your style, you’ll have an easy time because shopping for your outfit will shift from chores to hobby. If we have similar body structure, let’s begin with styling skater skirts Skater skirts can be styled with both …

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